Why Rogue One: A Star Wars story is a benchmark film of the franchise?

                   Star Wars franchise’s first anthology film, Rogue One released on December 14, 2016.It did well in the box office and it got mixed response(mostly positive) from critics and the audience. Here are the three reasons for this film to be a bench mark of the Star Wars franchise. (Mild spoilers ahead)

Up to my knowledge, almost all the Star Wars films had a specific pattern or template in all aspects like story, characters, screenplay etc.But,Rogue one stood out of this pattern and emerged as a distinction.Either it be the story, characters or the screenplay, Rogue One had things only which are necessary for the film and nothing more than that.I’m glad the creators kept it that way.

Character Establishment:

This story demands a set of lead characters which had to serve as a suicide squad, ultimately(This basic idea itself is something new to the franchise). With respect to this, the characters were made. We had one lead female protagonist,her father, a guy who supports her in-spite of trust issues (I agree.This was actually quite similar to Force awakens), BFFs ( A guy with machine guns and a blind Asian guy who believes strongly in force.That felt really fresh and interesting.I loved these guys), a pilot, a droid(obviously). These characters were completely engaged in the story and no where we find these characters having a comic relief moment out of the story (which was common in star wars films).

This film did a great job in establishing the characters very well within a short time.They didn’t reveal everything about the characters.Only the details which were necessary for the film were given which i consider as a great advantage.

For example, within the first few minutes of the film, we got to know that Jyn’s father was a talented person,a loving father,he has some idea which necessary for the imperials and he hates them.All these details were given along with the story flow.(Those scenes had many beautiful shots with amazing desaturated color grading;the long shot showing imperials coming out their ship was beautiful and the mid shot showing the interrogation scene in a farm had beautiful framings) The best part was there wasn’t a sequence of scenes just to show the character development.This is the case for all the characters in this film (Except the pilot).But,in all Star Wars films, there will be some scenes which has nothing to do with the story and made just for the character introduction and development.



The variations they showed in every planet was very unique from the usual star wars planets. The captain Andor’s planet was like a dystoptian world which looked very mechanical and neon lights(similar) everywhere. Chirrut and Baze’s place looks very rural and dusty (reminded me of the rural areas of middle east countries).Galen’s place looked very deserted with black sand(Yes, that really got my attention). The final battle scene happened in place which was more similar to a beach.Palm trees and water,everywhere. That was definitely a stellar design job. It looked fantastic.


Story and screenplay:

The story was darker than the other star wars stories.We saw deaths of few important characters and other the characters were ready to shed their lives at any moment.This felt like a typical war film. Ultimately,everyone died at the end. The main story started as Jyn trying to get a freedom by helping the rebels and it got evolved to Jyn leading the rebels of the rebels(lol. can’t explain any better) into a war.The story was very engaging and the screenplay was so tight that it kept the audience at the edge of the seat throughout the film.We never really had a Star Wars film in which all the characters remain completely immersed into the story.Unlike rogue one, in other star wars films,somewhere someone will have some cheesy moments or moments explain things that anticipates about the upcoming events.I’m not saying these moments were bad.These things were not necessary for Rogue One and the creators kept it that way.

P.S – We got to see three types of troopers in this film and all of them are super cool. They are the storm-troopers, the shore-troopers and the imperial death troopers (The Most Badass).




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